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Review: Delta SkyClub DFW

NOTE: Photos have been taken from multiple visits throughout 2021 and 2022

Though I have since moved to Austin, I spent the last 5 years flying in and out of DFW on an almost weekly basis. It still feels like my home airport and is also the home to the lounge that I have, no doubt, spent the most time in. Nope, it’s not the Admirals Club or the DFW Centurion Lounge, but rather the Delta SkyClub in Terminal E.


Delta operates exclusively out of Terminal E at DFW. After clearing security, take a left and follow the signage for gates E1-E15 and the Delta SkyClub. The club is located past all of the Delta gates and is between gates E10 and E11, the gates used by JetBlue and Alaska.

Hours of Operation

Currently, the DFW SkyClub is open from 4:15a-7:30p Sunday through Friday and from 4:15a to 6:00p on Saturdays, covering almost all Delta departures from the airport.

Entry Requirements

The most popular way to gain entry to the SkyClub is through a credit card. Both the American Express Personal and Business Platinum cards grant SkyClub access with a same day Delta boarding pass. The Delta SkyMiles Reserve (The Purple Card) Personal and Business cards also provide SkyClub access when flying Delta. Additional guest access can be purchased for $50.


Though Delta used to operate a hub at DFW, it has retreated to a spoke on the route map, with flights to every hub but Seattle. Therefore it is somewhat surprising that they have such a large space. Immediately upon entry is the welcome desk where you scan your boarding pass. To the left are the restrooms and a small newsstand with magazines.

The main portion of the lounge is set up in an upside down “L” shape. The first seating area is located to the right and has some chairs along with high top seating and a communal work table. To the left you’ll find the coffee station.

Straight ahead is the main part of the lounge which has chairs set up in sections of 2 and four along with café style tables and a low top bar overlooking the ramp. The large windows technically look over the interior portion of a jet bridge but still provide great views of the ramp.

The bar and buffet are also located in the rear portion of the lounge closest to the windows. Though many SkyClubs have experienced crowding issues over the past few years, I have never seen this one at capacity due to the size and the fact that DFW is a fortress hub for American.

Food and Beverage

As far as the big 3 US airline lounges go, I believe that Delta has a more extensive and better selection than you would find in an Admirals or United Club. During breakfast you’ll find an assortment of fruits, cheese, yogurt and eggs as well as pastries and muffins. There are also scrambled eggs, bacon and/or sausage as well as oatmeal available which are served warm. At the end of the buffet are granola bars, more fruit and cereal.

Lunch and dinner typically consist of a salad bar, fruit and cheese tray, a sandwich or wrap option, a couple of pasta dishes and a soup. They also have desserts such as cookies, brownies and lemon squares.

As is the case with many airline lounges, the Delta SkyClub offers a selection of complimentary non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages with higher end offerings available for purchase. It’s worth noting that, due to Texas law, alcohol cannot be served before 7:00a Monday-Saturday and before 12:00p on Sunday. There is also a self-serve tea/water station adjacent to the bar.

Coffee makers and drip coffee canisters are located around the corner in the hallway.


As a Delta frequent flyer that was DFW based for many years, the SkyClub in Terminal E feels like home to me. It’s not the most exciting SkyClub in the system but the size, tarmac views, and friendly staff make it a great place to relax before catching a flight.


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