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Review: Erste Premier Lounge Prague (PRG)

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After three days exploring Prague it was time for us to move on to the next stage of our adventure. We were flying KLM to Amsterdam (in the Schengen Zone) so we would be departing from Terminal 2.


After clearing security in Terminal 2, follow the signage for Airport Lounges. Across from gate D2 there is an elevator and a set of stairs. Take this up one level and the entrance to the Erste Premier Lounge will be directly ahead.

Erste Premier Lounge Prague PRG Entrance
Erste Premier Lounge Prague Entrance

Hours of Operation

The Erste Premier Lounge is currently open between 5:00a and 10:00p daily.

Entry Requirements

The Erste Premier Lounge is used by the majority of airlines in Terminal 2 for their premium passengers. It can also be accessed through a variety of lounge programs including Priority Pass. If you don't have access through airline status or a credit card, you can buy a one time pass for 860 Czech Koruna (roughly $37). Children 3 and under can enter the lounge for free when accompanied by an adult.

The friendly agents working the desk took our boarding passes and, with a swipe of my Priority Pass card, we were welcomed into the lounge.

Erste Premier Lounge Reception Desk at Prague Airport
Erste Premier Lounge Reception Desk


The lounge is laid out in an L shape with the entrance positioned in the bend. Because of this, and maybe because I hadn't had any coffee this early in the morning, I spent the first 30 minutes thinking that only the right side existed.

Upon entering the lounge, to the right of the reception desk, there was a beverage station to the left, a magazine rack to the right, and the seating in the rear.

Erste Premier Lounge Interior Prague
Erste Premier Lounge Prague

A variety of seating is laid out past the beverage station with cafe tables and a high-top bar closest to the buffet. Further back, there is a mixture of seating along the walls with small side tables and large chairs in the center of the room.

At the rear of this section there is a children's area tucked away in the corner.

Erste Premier Lounge Prague Children's Area
Erste Premier Lounge Children's Area

On the opposite side of the desk (once I finally found it) was a similar layout though with much fewer people. It seems I wasn't the only one that didn't know about this part at first glance.

Erste Premier Lounge Prague PRG Seating
Erste Premier Lounge Prague Seating

This side of the lounge had more high-backed chairs alongside the same wall seating that was present on the opposite side.

The main difference on this side of the lounge was the fact that the children's area was swapped with a business center.

The Erste Premier Lounge Prague Business Center
Erste Premier Lounge Prague Business Center

Restrooms are located inside the lounge near the front desk. There are showers available by appointment in both the Men and Women's restrooms.

Food and Beverage

Like the seating areas, the food and beverage stations were also split in two. To the right there was a non-alcoholic beverage cooler, a selection of cereal and granola, some pastries, bread, cold cuts, and a wide variety of spreads.

A coffee machine which could make a variety of drinks as well as a Coca-Cola fountain machine were also available.

Erste Premier Lounge Coffee and Soda Machines Prague
Erste Premier Lounge Prague Beverages

On the left side of the lounge was he primary food and beverage area. First was a selection of snacks that included popcorn, chips, and sweets.

Snacks in the Erste Premier Lounge Prague
Erste Premier Lounge Prague Snacks

We were visiting the lounge during breakfast and the food options reflected that, somewhat. Hard-boiled eggs and pea-creme soup were on offer along with the aforementioned items.

Though it was early in the morning, a full assortment of self-service beer, wine, and spirits was available.

While the food more closely resembled snacks, the beverage selection was quite expansive.


With how much time I spend in lounges stateside, I am always surprised at how quiet and peaceful the lounges in Europe are. Blame it on the fact that we visited on a Monday morning but, everyone seemed equally tired and respectful.


The Erste Premier Lounge in Prague was somewhat of a mixed bag. The food selection was subpar but the drinks and the atmosphere were above average. Prague isn't a major connecting hub so you aren't likely to find yourself here on a layover. I wouldn't get to the airport early just to visit this space but, it is a nice, quiet place to wait before your flight.

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